Spectra DG511 Pipe Laser

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Spectra DG511 Pipe Laser
The rugged Spectra Precision Laser DG511 Pipe Laser is built tough for long lasting performance and reliability.


The rugged Spectra Precision Laser DG511 Pipe Laser is built tough for long lasting performance and reliability. It's completely waterproof and designed to ensure easy cleanup. Setup is fast with a full range of mounting accessories available, and easy to use with straightforward, ""no-instructions-required"" controls. In addition, through the Service Alert feature, it keeps track of it's own maintenance needs, indicating at pre-set intervals when it's time for a check-up. This pipe laser stands up to corrosion from acids, chemicals, salts and other destructive underground elements as well as to the physical abuse typical in the construction industry. Widest automatic self-leveling range available for quick, easy setups regardless of grade. Has a Steep Grade Option, to manually “rake-in” grades up to 100%. Ability to raise the beam outside of the trench for fast line setup or checking, eliminating the need to move the excavator off line during setup of the pipe laser. Patented Target Lens transfers the beam up at an angle for easy viewing by the pipe layer. Color-coded panel clearly indicates the line and grade functions to minimize crew training and setup errors. Universal Connector lets you hook up to an optional 12V battery, and allows fast service diagnostics and software upgrades. Industry’s largest display lets you see the % Grade from outside the manhole. Rubberized front bumper lets you set the unit upright on concrete while also providing protection from knocks when going down the manhole. RC501 3-button remote - controls line and offers full on-off capability if left in the manhole overnight.
  • DG511 Pipe Laser
  • Grade Range: -15% to +40%
  • Self-Leveling Range: Complete grade range (no rough leveling required)
  • Line Range: 20°
  • Line Center: Yes
  • Grade Zero and Quick Grade: Yes
  • Line Set/Check: No
  • Line Alert: No
  • Temperature Compensation: No
  • Grade Compensation: Yes
  • Maintenance Interval Notification: Selectable Intervals: 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 Months
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Laser output: 4.5–5 mW (maximum allowable)
  • Laser classification: 3A/3R
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (8.0 lbs.)
  • Length: 37.5 cm (14.75 inches)
  • Diameter: 14 cm (5.5 inches)
  • Housing material: Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Battery type and life: NiMH / 60 Hours with Daily Setup at 20° C (68° F)
  • Battery pack: Sealed (NiMH), 0-Ring Sealed Removable (Alkaline)
  • Operating voltage: 6-16V DC
  • Operating temperature: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
  • Storage temperature: -30° to 60° C (-23° to 140° F)
  • Waterproof: Continuous Submersion at 3 m (10 ft.)
  • RC501 Remote
  • Functionality: 3 Button Power, Line Adjustment
  • Through the Pipe Range: 225 m (750 ft)
  • Front / Over the Top Range: 150 m (500 ft)
  • Rear Range: 10 m (30 ft)
  • Battery life (normal operation): 2 Years

DG511 Pipe Laser, with RC501 3-button remote, NiMH battery pack, smart charger, 956 target and 8" invert plate. Owner's Manual

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