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M12™ Compact Inflator
M12™ Compact Inflator
M12™ Compact Inflator



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  • Product details

    Product details

    Milwaukee M12 Cordless Compact Inflator (2475-20): The Greek mathematician Archimedes understood that the application of simple machines could greatly improve our efficiency and productivity. After innumerable technological milestones, Milwaukee continues to follow the same line of thinking set before them thousands of years ago: Find and innovate ways to simplify and improve our tools in ways that make our work easier and faster. The M12 Cordless Compact Inflator does nothing short of just that. This light weight, durable, and compact inflator makes traditional air compressors that require tedious set-up obsolete in light to medium duty applications. The small frame may be deceiving at first, but the high-efficiency motor and pump can deliver up to 120 PSI, making it ideal for tasks anywhere from filling up balls and floats to topping off LT truck tires. Milwaukee’s TrueFill technology features auto shut-off, stopping the inflator when it has reached your desired PSI. This provides highly accurate filling pressure and protects from overfill. A large back-lit display shows only two numbers: the current PSI, and the target PSI, providing an easy to read experience day or night. For added simplicity, this Milwaukee air pump is controlled by just 4 buttons. The system power button, the air pump power button, and two buttons to adjust the target PSI give you all you need to start saving time and energy on all your air inflation tasks. The 26” hose includes an all brass Schrader chuck to insure a sturdy and secure hold. Attached to the back of the inflator is a storage mount to hold the included needle and presta valve adaptors. This M12 inflator is weather and impact resistant with a reinforced cage, establishing itself as the most durable, reliable, and convenient cordless compact air pump available. 

    Fastest cordless tire Inflator. The Milwaukee® M12™ compact Inflator delivers fast, accurate, easy inflation with the portability to take anywhere. The Inflator has the capability to complete demanding applications like car, LT truck, and compact equipment tires, the M12™ compact Inflator gives users ultimate power and efficiency. Rated to deliver over 120PSI, the high efficiency motor and pump top-off car tires in under 1 minute. The TrueFill™ auto shut-off technology delivers highly accurate pressure, protects from overfill, and automatically senses speed of fill to deliver precise shut-off at the desired PSI. Additionally, the unit includes a large easy to read back-lit LCD, anti-vibration feet, and 26 in. hose with an all brass Schrader chuck.
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