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MultiTalent Oscillating Multi-Tool with Soft Bag and Start Accessory Package
MultiTalent Oscillating Multi-...
MultiTalent Oscillating Multi-Tool with Soft Bag and Start Accessory Package



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  • Product details

    Product details

    For decades, FEIN has developed some of the most innovative and productive oscillating multi-tools available. Among these is the FEIN Multi-Talent Start Q. Powered by a 250-watt high-performance motor with a metal gear case, this sturdy FEIN multi-tool is capable of accomplishing any outdoor and interior fitting tasks you might have from making flush cuts and grooves to removing grout. This is all thanks to a couple of key features: Improvements to the overall comfort and control and the StarlockPlus tool attachment system.  
    The StarlockPlus tool mount and attachment system provides an attachment grip with a larger surface area for better torque transfer and performance. No tools are required for attachment. Accessories simply snap in to the tool mount and a release lever will detach them immediately. This makes it significantly easier and faster to multitask. The list of Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories is impressive and includes some of the best quality attachments available. Best of all, the Multi-talent Start Q fits them all. However, if you prefer different brands, the StarlockPlus tool mount is compatible with adapters that will allow your MultiTalent to work with any accessories.
    Comfort and Control:
    The FEIN MultiTalent is perfectly balanced and includes electronic speed control which allows you to have optimal control in every application. It's quieter than the competition and has less vibration so that your ears and fingers won't be ringing for hours after use. It has a soft-grip zone for added comfort and control. The power to weight ratio is superior for its class. Producing an oscillation rate of 11,000 to 20,000 rpm and weighing only 3.1 lbs., this multi-tool will do all the work for you.  
    This product currently has a mail-in rebate for free accessories. Go to https://fein.com/en_us/current-news/promotions/fein-promotion-0878/ and fill out the order form to receive your free accessories.

    The FEIN MultiTalent is the first choice for anyone looking for an economical professional tool but is unwilling to make any compromises in quality or performance. This universal tool system for interior construction and renovation provides almost total access to the Starlock and StarlockPlus accessory range and, with its wide selection of original accessories, sets standards for all oscillating tools on the market.
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