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S13 Abatement/Silica Vac
S13 Abatement/Silica Vac
S13 Abatement/Silica Vac



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  • Product details

    Product details

    The Husqvarna S13 Abatement and Silica vacuum (967664001) is a highly-productive machine designed to eliminate dangerous air-born particulate in a time and cost-efficient manner. With all the information we have on the potential dangers of silica and the OSHA regulations on silica in the work-place, quality and efficiency are priorities for job-site clean-up. As a major producer of masonry equipment, Husqvarna has been innovating new methods to make quality and efficiency apparent in the S13 silica vacuum. QualityThe Husqvarna S13 silica vacuum uses a three-step filtration process to ensure that your job-site meets all regulations and lungs stay healthy. The cyclone chamber separates large particles which move to the Longopac bag while smaller particles move to the main filter. It then moves through a HEPA H13 filter. The HEPA filter traps 99.97% of remaining silica particles that are .3 micrometers in size. This essentially eliminates the number of harmful particles in the respirable air and allows for longer work periods between filter cleaning. EfficiencyThe S13 utilizes the Longopac hose bag system, which allows you to quickly install and remove bags using zip-ties and the bag connection and holder, ensuring an exchange without dust-spills. Jet Pulse gives you a quick and easy way to clean the main filter using only the inlet plug and Jet pulse handle at the top of the machine. The welded frame provides a sturdy and durable build and allows you to transport it on its side. An airflow monitor lets you know when the filters need to be changed or cleaned. This allows you to easily keep track of maintenance and keep your S13 cleaning in a timely and productive manner. The Husqvarna S13 weighs only 66 lbs. and the 1.6 hp motor provides an airflow of 129 cfm, making this vacuum perfect for heavy applications. Designed for the Husqvarna K3000 power cutter but is also compatible with small grinders (5-7), scarifiers, and drywall sanders.
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