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M18™ RADIUS™ Compact Site Light with Flood Mode
M18™ RADIUS™ Compact Site Ligh...
M18™ RADIUS™ Compact Site Light with Flood Mode



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  • Product details

    Product details

    M18 Radius Compact Site Light (214420) –Until humans can learn how to use echolocation to do both simple and complicated tasks in the dark, we will need to have light. Whether it’s setting up a camping tent at night or fixing electrical wires in a basement, this LED jobsite light will provide the help you need to get low-light tasks done without errors. This help comes in two forms. First, the 360° area light that emits 2,200 lumens (lm) per second. This is superior to spotlights that only illuminate one certain spot. Second, a 90° flood light that emits 1000 lm for intense task lighting. The side features an inlet for AC power which is a major plus for those working in one spot for long periods of time. For those who aren’t, an M18 XC 5Ah battery you can get more than a full day’s work on one charge. At only 4.3 lbs. this LED work lamp can be carried from site to site easily. Several features like a sturdy and balanced structure, polycarbonate lens, and high-quality LEDs highlight this site light’s durability and longevity, but what do these things mean exactly? Let’s break it down:

    • The work lamp is a pyramid shape. This plays off the same idea that engineers use when adding triangle braces to a bridge: Limit the ability of a structure to move on its links.
    • Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic well-known for its ability to provide high-impact resistance and  the same translucency as glass. This is what is used to make bullet-proof windows in cars, so what you’re trusting to keep your work-lamp in-tact is the same thing that major world leaders trust to protect them in one of their most vulnerable positions.
    • These high-quality LED’s will last forever and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Unlike halogen lightbulbs that first turn electricity into heat and then light, LEDs turn electricity directly into light. The result is less energy waste and significantly less heat, extremely important for those working in tight warm spaces. 

    The M18™ RADIUS™ compact site light w/ flood mode offers the user two lights in one for area lighting and tasking lighting. With 2,200 lm of output in area mode for illuminating large work areas and 1000 lm of flood lighting for task situations there is no application this light can’t handle. This light offers up to 18 hours of runtime with an M18™ XC 5.0 battery and has the option to be plugged in using its AC inlet for extended runtime. Its compact size allows users to take this site light on and off the jobsite effortlessly and its 4-1/4 in. metal hanging hook allow users to hang this light from above for overhead lighting situations. The M18™ RADIUS™ compact site light w/ flood mode is equipped with a high impact polycarbonate lens to withstand harsh jobsite abuse. Its high quality LEDS never need to be replaced and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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