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FEIN Multimaster FMM350QSL Start Oscillating Multi-Tool with Soft Bag & Start Accessory Package
FEIN Multimaster FMM350QSL Sta...
FEIN Multimaster FMM350QSL Start Oscillating Multi-Tool with Soft Bag & Start Accessory Package




  • Product details

    Product details

    In 1967 FEIN brought a revolutionary idea to the market, introducing the first oscillating tool. Through the years Fein has constantly made improvements and innovated new features. The combination of a 350 watt motor with high copper content and an independent tool housing makes the FEIN Multimaster 350QSL more powerful, lower in vibration, and quieter than every other comparable tool on the market. Weighing less than four pounds, the Multimaster is lightweight with a soft grip for comfortable handling. Utilizing four flexible damping elements, the Multimaster housing is completely independent from the motor. The design reduces vibrations by up to 70 percent and noise up to 50 percent when compared to the previous model. The FEIN Multimaster 350QSL makes day-to-day work more efficient, safe, and easy. FEIN has now made the best even better by incorporating the StarLock mounting system in the FMM 350QSL. With the StarLock mounting system the FEIN Multimaster 350QSL can operate with less noise and vibration, faster work progress and improved precision even with larger accessories. The FEIN StarLock mounting system is a pin-less, tool-free quick change system. It allows the effortless change of accessories in less than three seconds. The unique geometry of the tool head in combines with StarLock accessories to guarantee a solid connection and transfers the power to the workpiece. The accessories simply snap into the tool head for a secure and accurately seated connection and are easily released by lifting the lever on the tool head. The FEIN FMM 350QSL Start offers the powerful FMM 350QSL Multimaster in a soft nylon bag with an assortment of FEIN accessories. The FEIN FMM 350QSL Start kit is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the most powerful and reliable tool on the market. FEIN originated the oscillating tool and is proud to offer innovative and durable tools and accessories that achieve ultimate performance.
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