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DMS240 2-Speed Drill Rig
DMS240 2-Speed Drill Rig
DMS240 2-Speed Drill Rig



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  • Product details

    Product details

    Husqvarna DMS 240 core drill (965173601): For construction professionals that need a quality and flexible core drill, Husqvarna presents the DMS 240 core drill and stand system. This Husqvarna core drill is designed to provide quality holes for a variety of different applications, making it the most efficient and versatile core drill that can handle bits with diameters up to 10 in.


    For their prices, core drills need to be able to perform a variety of different tasks, so they work for you or your customers in any situation that may arise. The Husqvarna DMS 240 core drill is ideal for stitch cutting, which gives users the ability to cut irregular shapes, unlimited sized holes, and work in tight spaces where access is limited. Precise angle drilling is possible with the labeled tilting stand. A two-speed option allows you to change drilling speed for different applications based on hole-size and concrete strength. The DMS 240 can be used for a long list of different applications from installing stair rails and fences to making holes for pipes and cables.


    The DMS 240 is designed to give you the best return on investment by providing features that work to increase product service life and cost-efficiency. The stand has an integrated vacuum base plate made of aluminum for a lighter weight that makes set-up-faster without any damage to the surrounding work-area. The stand features a roller carriage which keeps maintenance to a minimum compared to sliding carriages. The 20-amp motor is complete with overload protection to prevent over-heating and keep the drill running efficiently for longer. Clean-up is simple with a few optional features such as a slot gasket for dust and a slurry vacuum ring. Overall, these features keep the DMS 240 in condition to provide cheaper holes for a longer time than its competitors. 

    The DMS 240 is a complete core drilling system for a wide variety of drilling applications. The stand is tilt-able, and features a convenient carry handle. Electronic overload protection helps prevent overheating and extends product life. Supplied with wheels, for easier transportation. Two-speed carriage gear box lets you choose crank speed for optimal performance, depending on application. The drill stand is tilt-able and the back support has a rigid locking system, for reliable and stable angle drilling. Drill bit not included.
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