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  1. Delta 22-590 13 Inch Portable Planer with the widest variety of planers

    DELTA designed three-knife cutter head delivers an ultra smooth finish and up to 3 times longer blade life than competitive 3-knife planers. Learn More
  2. Dewalt DW734 12-1/2 Inch Portable Planer made by DeWalt at the best price and many more Planers

    Powerful 15 AMP; 10;000 rpm motor handles larger; deeper cuts in hardwoods. Learn More
  3. Jet 707400 JJP-8BT 8 Inch Jointer Planer Combo

    If you've got a small shop, or limited space on the job, the new JETĀ® B3NCH 8" Jointer/Planer Combo is right for you. This powerhouse has features usually only found on big floor models. Precision adjustment knobs, compact design, and a powerful 13 Amp motor are only a few features that make this jointer/planer the right choice for wherever you may need it. Learn More
  4. Jet 707410 10 Inch Jointer Planer Combo With Stand

    Looking for a powerful jointer and planer in your shop or on the go? Look no further than the new JETĀ® B3NCH 10 Inch Benchtop Jointer/Planer Combo. This powerhouse gives you the 1-2 punch of features.

    Learn More
  5. Jet 708475 JJP-12 12 Inch Planer/Jointer 3HP

    You don't have to choose between buying a jointer or a planer - with the JJP-12; you can have both. Learn More
  6. Jet 708476 JJP-12HH 12 Inch Planer /Jointer with Helical Head

    The innovative JET JJP-12HH Helical Head 12 inch Jointer/Planer takes our award-winning jointer/planer combination machine and makes it an ever better investment. Learn More
  7. Jet 708524 JPM13CS Planer Molder With Encl Stand

    1 1/2 hp; 1 phase; 115/230V motor. Learn More
  8. Jet Planers at the best price on Jet 708528 20 Inch Planer 3 HP 1 Ph and Planers

    3 hp; 1 ph; 230V motor. Learn More
  9. Jet 708531 16 Inch Open Stand Planer shown here, made by Jet, at the best price on Planers

    3 hp; 1 ph; 230V motor. Cast iron & steel construction. Surge infeed and outfeed rollers provide maximum workpiece support. Two speed gearbox features an automatic chain tensioner. Learn More
  10. Jet 708538 15 Inch Closed Stand Planer

    14 7/8x6 cutting capacity; 16 & 20 fpm feed rate; 13;500 cuts per minute. Learn More

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