Extract Pesky Dust with Heavy Duty Vacuums

Heavy duty vacuums are the way to go when copious amounts of dust and dirt are spread far and wide. Not only great for in-home use, heavy-duty vacuums can be used outdoors on decks and concrete and even in construction sites that need a quick and thorough cleanup before the job is completed. Vacuums are essential tools that keep more than just your home clean.

International Tool supplies a plethora of heavy duty vacuums and even vacuums that are conducive to both wet and dry areas. Already have a vacuum? That’s okay! On top of vacuums, International Tool sells all types of vacuum accessories such as filters, adapters, nozzle kits, dust bags, and more! Shop vacuums and more with International Tool at your assistance.

Versatile Shop Vacuums and Ample Accessories

For all of your vacuuming needs, International tool has you covered. They provide top quality vacuums, such as heavy duty and wet/dry along with ample accessories for all kinds of vacuuming endeavors. Shop vacuums and all the necessary attachments from International Tool’s list of high-quality manufacturers:

Bosch has developed a wide variety of vacuums and attachments for a variety of uses. For example, their 9 Gallon Dust Extractor is a vacuum perfect for any and all clean ups. This vacuum comes with an automatic filter cleaning systems that run every 15 seconds to ensure it maintains its full suctioning capability. A hose is fastened to the vacuum that allows for the attachment of any optional nozzles for those hard to reach areas. This design is compatible with any environment and is lightweight and compact for storage. You can choose from the 9-gallon vacuum or the 14-gallon. DeWalt supplies a range of attachments for vacuum hoses, but they also have created a wet/dry vacuum that is useful for any surface. Similar to Bosch, the 8 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA/RRP Dust Extractor also has an automatic filter cleaning system that auto-cleans every 30 seconds. The wet/dry features allow for the suction of liquid spills or even small leaks. It also works great for cleaning up fireplace ashes and wood chips and even clearing away snow that might be in your way. When using a wet/dry vacuum make sure you have the proper filter bags within. Porter Cable supplies wet/dry filter bags that are efficient for dust clean-up and liquid spills. The Wet/Dry Dust extractor is assembled with a hose for any attachments that may be needed and is easily transportable. Fein has also created a wet/dry vacuum with similar functions along with floor brushes, upholstery nozzles, crevice nozzles, and more that fit most hose attachments.

Most times the hoses that come with a vacuum are the first thing to get damaged. Since they are made of plastic, the break as frequently as they are used. Festool designed a wide variety of replacement hoses fit for most vacuums. You can choose from 11 ½ foot hoses, 13 ½, 16 ½, and 23 feet. Makita also supplies an 11-foot hose that is ideal for suctioning up wood, dust, concrete, and more. For smaller messes, Milwaukee created a compact vacuum that is handheld and equipped with 5 different attachment wands for more extension. Though petite, it packs a punch and cleans up messes in sufficient time. The Compact Vacuum can be stored just about anywhere and its small size allows for easy transport.