Delta S26-261L ShopMaster 10 Inch Slide Miter Saw with Laser

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Delta S26-261L ShopMaster 10 Inch Slide Miter Saw with Laser
This tool features a powerful 15 Amp motor with all ball bearings and externally accessible brushes for ease of servicing. 10 inch sliding miter saw with laser.


This tool features a powerful 15 Amp motor with all ball bearings and externally accessible brushes for ease of servicing. The miter fence supports the workpiece when making all cuts. The throat plate supports the workpiece and provides a safe working surface. The miter lock knob securely locks the saw at desired miter angles. Use these to help support large pieces when necessary. Miter scale with positive stops - positive stops have been provided at 0°, 15°, 22-1/2°, 31.6°, and 45°. The blade stops have been provided on both the left and right side of the miter table. The horizontal work clamp helps to position and secure the workpiece to the fence, ensuring safer operation and more accurate cuts. Base supports the tool and features mounting holes. Mounting holes enable you to securely mount the tool to a stable surface. Blade wrench storage - the included blade wrench features a Phillips screwdriver at one end and a hex key at the other. Use the hex key when installing or removing blade and the Phillips screwdriver when removing or loosening screws. When not in use, the wrench can be stored in the base of the saw. Sturdy, large die-cast aluminum work table provides a level and sturdy work surface. The bevel lock knob secures the saw at the desired angle for bevel cuts. There are positive stop screws on each side of the saw arm for making fine adjustments at 0° and 45°. The included dust bag attaches and detached quickly with the integrated clamp for easy cleaning. Upper and lower blade guards. The lower blade guard is made of shock-resistant, see-through plastic that provides protection from each side of the blade. It automatically retracts over the upper blade guard as the saw is lowered into the workpiece. A 10 in. blade is included with the compound miter saw. It will cut materials up to 3-1/2 in. thick or 12 in. wide, depending upon the angle at which the cut is being made. The saw blade is activated by an easy-to-use trigger switch. When not in use the saw should be disconnected from the power supply and switch locked in the off position using a padlock (not included) inserted through the hole in the switch trigger. A lock with a long shackle up to 5/16 in. diameter may be used. The padlock and key should be stored in separate locations. The spindle lock button locks the spindle preventing the blade from rotating while removing or installing the blade screw. The slide lock allows head to move front to rear for cutting wide material up to 12 in. wide. An electric brake has been provided to more quickly stop blade rotation after the switch is released. For more accurate cuts, a laser guide is included with your miter saw. When used properly, the laser guide makes accurate, precision cutting simple and easy.


Lightweight unit is easy to move from room to room or even from job to job. Table extensions help support long workpieces. Spindle lock holds spindle securely while bade nut is loosened and removed. Bevels left - from 0°- 45°, cuts nominal 2x12 at full bevel. Maximum bevel angle up to 45°. Maximum miter angle up to 45°. Laser – with on/off switch. Makes aligning blade to workpiece more convenient and precise cuts. Electric brake stops the blade within seconds of releasing switch. Cord exits out rear of slide bar protecting it from blade. UL Listed. 15 Amps, 120 volts. Blade size 10 inch diameter. Arbor size 5/8 inch diameter. Maximum cut capacities 0° miter / 0° bevel 4 in. x 12 in. 45° miter / 0° bevel 4 in. x 8-1/2 in. 0° miter / 45° bevel 2 in. x 12 in. 45° miter / 45° bevel 2 in. x 8-1/2 in.


(1) ShopMaster S26-261L 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, (1) 10 Inch Blade, (1) Dust Collection Bag, (1) Horizontal Work Clamp, (1) Miter Lock Knob, (1) Blade Wrench, (2) Support Extensions, (2) AAA Batteries.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Drive Type 5/8" Arbor
Power Source Corded
Size Range 9 Inch - 10-7/8 Inch
Use For Material Wood