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Wood Routers

Set your depth, get ready, go!

Upgrade your woodwork game with a collection of wood routers from International Tool. No, these routers won’t help you establish an internet connection - but they will allow you to customize lumber, adding beautiful edges and elegant details.

A Versatile Tool

A wood router is a versatile tool and you can do a lot of different things with it, giving you the ability to dress up an otherwise bland piece of wood. For example, they allow you to cut inlays into frames, tables, doors, and molding. Add cool designs to lumber panels and make the work you do a statement of your craftsmanship. A wood router is a tool that provides additional features to any wood shop.

Your Name, Your Reputation

International Tool has been in business for over 47 years. In 1970, our founder Louis Wild began selling power cords and construction equipment from the back of his van to contractors at job sites. Since then we’ve learned which tool brands are most desired, and what consumers expect from their power tools.

At International Tool, we understand that it is your name that goes on the final project. We find that the best woodworkers, sculptors, carpenters, and project managers are cognizant of this fact - and work extra hard to make sure their clients are not disappointed. As the saying goes “business is business, but when you put your heart and soul into something, it becomes pleasure.”

Interestingly, wood provides a medium that is more intimate than other mediums. Other materials, like concrete, metal, or brick don’t let you get up close and personal with the project. We think this is what makes wood so appealing. Garage shop owners across the country would agree that their craft is work of art and a labor of love - wood shavings and all.

Shop Bosch, Bench Dog, and Porter Cable Routers

Choose from a variety of manufacturers you know and trust, including Bench Dog, Bosch, DeWalt, Festool, Hitachi, Incra, Lamello, Makita, Milescraft, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, and Virutex. This page features a wide variety of items, including hand-held routers, router motors, templates, collets, edge guides, bases, sub-bases, jigs, and kits. Gather dust with dust collectors and hoses or hoods. Bring your project to full, final, picture-ready finish with different bits that let you define your design. Play outside the lines and let your creativity run wild with a wide array of woodworking products available in International Tool! These include Bosch routers, Bench Dog routers, and Porter Cable routers.

Serious woodworkers should consider investing in a router table. With a router table, you’re controlling the wood, instead of controlling the router, making it easier to do routing. International Tool features the tools you need to dress up bland pieces of wood and make them elegant. Shop today!