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Planers for Sale

A planer is a great tool to have in your tool arsenal. A must-have for woodworkers and Do-It-Yourselfers, planers hone down wood like the sculptors of yore.

Best Bench Planers For Sale

Use bench planers on cabinetry, doors, and planks of wood. Smooth out joints, plane away chips, and smooth away splinters and misshapen edges. Slice away irregularities with wood planers that are a big improvement over manual wood planers. Whether you need it for a construction project or a job site, the electric powered cutters and wood planers International Tool sells easily adjust for depth and alignment.

Precision. Control. Cutting Power. It’s all here.

You Have Wood Chips in Your Beard, Sir

If your morning plenary consists of honing down wood, then you’re in luck! International Tool features the modern tools project managers, DIY-ers, sculptors and woodworkers need in order to take their project from start to finish. Get a grip on your medium with ergonomic handling that help you go with the grain, never against it.

The Names You Respect

Choose from a well-known, name-brand collection that includes Bosch, Delta, DeWalt, Festool, Freud, Jet, Makita, and Woodstock.

The big names in woodworking are all here. Browse our stock of planer blades, high-speed steel blades, planer knives, stands, and industrial sized bench planers made for true carpenters. Use them on boards, doors, 2X4s and lumber of any kind.

Bring Your Idea From Inception to Completion

We believe tools should be an extension of yourself. When your mind dreams of a project, it should come into being just as you planned it. Don’t let a few pesky things like gravity, small space, and a paucity of resources stop you from completing your pet project. Bring your ideas from thought - into final construct.

Shop today and get the best features. Our extensive line of wood planers include all the modern features you’re looking for including: a high amp motor, varying degrees of depth stops, total dust bag, and kick-stands. Shorten your work time on projects that need to get done by deadline, or take your time smoothing through wood, layer after layer, enjoying your labor of love. We’ve seen clients use these products on door frames, doors, tree houses, and boats! Where will your imagination take you!?

Sawdust Collection

Wondering how you can keep your shop clean of wood chips and wood shavings? Shop our dust collection equipment today and never be left guessing.

If you have any questions about our models, reach out to one of our highly trained staff members at 1-800-338-3384. We’d be happy to walk you through your ideation process and help you come up with the best method of attack on your new woodworking project.

Talk to us to talk tools! Call 1-800-338-3384