Nibblers and Shears

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Power Shears and Electric Nibblers for Sale

For nice smooth cuts shop power shears and electric nibblers. Use them for a variety of applications including sheet metal, corrugated roofing, aluminum flashing, fiber cement siding, fiber cement backer board, asphalt shingles, carpet, vinyl, and leather. Sheet metal and corrugated iron don’t stand a chance. Power shears can cut free hand just like a pair of scissors through a piece of construction paper. Universal electric nibblers nibble their way through sheets, profiles, trapezoids and corrugated sheet metal.

International Tool supplies you with the tools of the trade you need in order to get the job done and go home to bacon. Bring clean cuts to your metal, piping, or leather materials and go home before the whistle blows. Made with outstanding performance and stability, these tools help you save time and money by cutting steps in the work process.

Strong-Jawed Products

Shop long jawed and short jawed models, depending on your needs. Some professionals like the long jaws as they give more bite, but other professionals consider short jaw cutters better in thinner applications that require more agility. One thing remains certain, these products have teeth.

Power shears and nibblers come in pneumatic and electric styles. They can cut the length of steel you’ll see in each product description. Be sure to keep the cutters and nibblers lubricated with WD-40 or cutting fluid to keep the die and the punch cool, and to make it cut a little easier. For thicker metals you may need a plasma cutter - look out for it on International Tool - coming soon!

Who Uses Power Shears and Electric Nibblers?

The population of individuals who use power shears and electric nibblers is as diverse as it is wide. Do-it-Yourselfers and handymen may want them for periodical projects. Other individuals, like construction business owners, HVAC technicians, metal fabricators, and professional roofers, will most likely use electric nibblers on a daily basis.

Top Brands

International Tool knows a thing or two about tools. Our father started this business selling power tools to construction sites from a van 46 years ago. He was so successful that he began adding more people to his work crew, eventually adding more vans and offering better deals as a result of buying in bulk. He came to find, and we tend to agree, that name brand tools convey a sense of security. People just know them better, and you’re able to interchange them when at work on a job site.

Shop top brands of power shears and electric nibblers including:Bosch, DeWalt, Fein, Jet, and Makita. For other power tools look to this page for more information. Use a variety of search filters to shop by price, power source, or manufacturer. While you are shopping, be sure to consider replacement parts, including blades, and die sets. Our power shears and nibblers for sale are perfect if you want to reduce the mechanical labor you or your staff members are putting in on an hour-by-hour basis.