Drill faster and screw longer with products by International Tool. This collection of smart tools come with automatic bit locking, dust protection, and maximum impact energy transfer rate. Choose from hammer drills, rotary hammers, and demolition hammers, for sale here, at International Tool.

Hammer Drills and Rotary Hammers For Sale

Hammer drills deliver a force to be reckoned with. Use them when a regular cordless drill does not suffice, or give you the torque you need to fasten and drive. Hammer drills work by pounding the drill bit in and out while it is spinning. Using a piston mechanism, it allows the tool to deliver larger holes with quicker rapidity. Rotary hammer drills have a great power to weight ratio and are perfect for smaller jobs that don't yet require the concrete removing properties of a jack-hammer.

Demolition Hammers

Demolition hammers, jack hammers and demo hammers bring the power and the punch to the construction site. A demolition hammer comes with variable speed dials for controlled chipping applications, while modern integrated clutches minimize torque reaction. They maintain a constant speed, while offering maximum concrete crushing power. Padded grip handles absorb shock, letting you work on a variety of materials that are set both vertically and horizontally. Use them to demolish a brick fixture or drill holes into a slab of concrete. Demolition hammers boast the best concrete removal rates in its class. Pummel away base layers of concrete efficiently with demolition hammers for sale.

Shop Intelligently at International Tool

We’ve been in business for over 47 years. Trust us to get you the tools you need for your project or job site. We understand that when you need to power through tough materials like wood, brick, asphalt and concrete, your time is important. Save hours of manual labor by investing in a quality hammer drill that will go with you from job site to job site. Work more efficiently with tools that offer comfort for extended periods of work. For rush jobs, maintain full speed ahead with tools under great warranties that are less likely to falter, lose speed, lose torque, or break under the load.

What to Look for In Your New Drill

When shopping for these tools look for key metrics like revolutions per minute (RPM), blows per minute (BPM), or impacts per minute (IPM). Be sure to take a look at the voltage so that you’re using the right type of tools equivalent to your region or electrical power supply. Other specifications to consider include item weight, cord length, dimensions, and of course, warranty. Save money by shopping online for hammer drills, rotary hammer drills, and demolition hammers for sale. International Tool equips you with the power, precision, and time-saving tools you need today. Buy now!