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Power Grinders For Sale

Take a chunk out of your workload and browse our power grinders for sale. Use them for concrete resurfacing, metal polishing, and angle grinding. Capable of powering through a variety of materials, power grinders created a major buzz in the construction industry when they first came out due to their ability to have interchangeable pieces.

Multiple Actions Available With Power Grinders

This power tool can do it all, cut, grind, or polish metal stone. All that's needed is to change the disk or brush attachment to match the job. Shop by manufacturer including Bosch, DeWalt, Fein, Hitachi, Jet, Makita, Metabo, Porter Cable, Skil and United Abrasives. These angle, die, and power grinders can be equipped with numerous attachments, giving you versatility in one tool. Useful for any job, project or construction site these awesome tools take a chunk out of your workload.

Wide Functionality With One Tool

Power grinders let you go into 90 degree angles to remove grout, paint and other surface areas. Buff out uneven areas, smooth out rough surfaces, and grind stainless steel pipes and other problem areas. At International Tool you can shop a wide variety of grinders including sanders, and angle grinders.

Power Grind Through Life

On our site you will find power tools - from the everyday do-it-yourselfer to the expert welder and plant operator who expects the best in quality. Designed for the toughest of jobs, these tools help you take a project from start to finish, enabling you to meet deadlines head-on, and even get the project turned around ahead of time. Life’s a grind sometimes; power grind through it with power grinders for sale.

Designed for years of durable use, our collection of heavy duty bench grinders, angle grinders, die grinders, speed polishers, sanding belts, sanding discs, abrasive sleeves, wheel accessories, cloth buffs, polishing paste, finishing discs, marine polishers, and vertical sanders ensure your home or boat are prepared for anything.