Right Angle Drills

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The Versatility of Right Angle Drills

Ask any electrician, plumber, construction worker or handyman and they will tell you that right angle drills are the most desired when it comes to working in tight spaces. Though it is well sought after, you don’t typically see these kind of drills in your standard toolbox. Due to their 90 degree angles, right angle drills have the ability to fit in the hard to reach, tight spaces where there are countless beams that are difficult to maneuver around. Right angle drills also provide extra torque or power that is great for quick and easy drilling jobs. These drills are extremely versatile and provide comfort for their users on any project.

Another great aspect of these drills is their ability to be easily packed up and transported to on-the-go projects. They also come with specific storage bags and cases that they fit into with ease. At International Tool, you can find an assortment of right angle drills for sale from a variety of top-brand manufacturers.

A Variety of Right Angle Drills for Sale

For any project that needs a corded right angle drill, International Tool has you covered. Choose the perfect drill from the following high-quality manufacturers:

From the brands stated above, you have the ability to view their variety of features and further decide which drill would fit best. Many of these products are energy efficient and have extended battery life that’s perfect for long and tedious projects.

Bosch sells a corded right angle drill, the 1132VSR , that is both short and lightweight and features a slim and durable body that is perfect for gripping. This drill is equipped with a six position speed selector dial that is compatible for any application.

If you want more than just the drill, Milwaukee and DeWalt supply right angle drill kits that feature a check key holder, a heavy-duty kit box that stores the drill and its parts, adjustable side handles and more. Milwaukee’s drill has a 7 amp motor that can switch between two different speed and both the head and handle have 360-degree adjustable positions. While DeWalt’s right angle drill comes with a 5 position side handle and has the ability to switch between three different speed levels.

For projects that fall under the plumbing or electrical categories, Hitachi’s ⅜ Inch VSR Right Angle Drill would be the ideal choice. This tool has a 4.6 amp motor and high torque for work that needs to be done in areas with odd angles. It also comes equipped with a removable side handle for even more accessibility and easy operability. All corded right angle drills can work on wood and steel efficiently.

International Tool allows you to shop for right angle drills by their drive type, hammering mode, manufacturer, power source, price, and size range. With this simple break down, customers have an easier time finding right angle drills for sale that meet their every need.