Cordless Screwdrivers

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Cordless screwdrivers are a versatile type of tool that is compatible with any project; from small, simple household projects to large, complex contracting jobs. Unlike the standard screwdriver, cordless electric screwdrivers get the job done in half the time without leaving your hand feeling cramped and your wrist feeling sore. Not only do they get the job done quickly, they also do so in a safe and efficient manner. A screwdriver with a cord can be a hazard. If the wire it taut, there is a risk that someone could trip over it or it could knock down another heavy piece of equipment. It can also be a fire hazard if the outlet it is plugged into isn’t compatible with its high voltage. The cordless feature can eliminate all these dangerous situations and provide a safer environment to work in.

These tools are also easy to pack up and take with you for on-the-go projects and come in bags and cases that they fit into easily. Another great aspect of the cordless screwdrivers is their ability to be used in hard to reach, high areas. You no longer need to worry about pulling the cord too tight or finding an outlet in the area you need to use it in. International Tool carries six different brands of cordless screwdrivers, each with different functions that are fit for a wide range of projects.

A Wide Variety of Cordless Screw Guns for Sale

International Tool provides buyers with high-quality branded screwdrivers, fit for any project. The cordless electric screwdrivers they carry are from the following manufacturers:

From these above brands, you have the ability to see their host of features and decide which would be most suited for the project at hand. Many of these products are energy efficient, have exceptional battery life, and integrated technology to reduce the risk of overheating. International Tool allows buyers to choose from a standard cordless screwdriver, to a kit that includes additional items for your screwdriver, all easily fitting into a designated case that is perfect for travel.

Different from the standard cordless screwdrivers, Senco and Makita also carry an auto-feed cordless screwdriver that is more ideal for projects that involve floors, decking, drywall, sheathing, cement board and rigid foam insulation. The auto-feed feature allows for a quick and easy job without the struggles of having to stop each way to place a screw in. Also, if you are in search for a cordless screw gun ideal for drywall, Dewalt and Milwaukee have cordless screw guns that are specifically designed for drywall usage.

Some buyers may be overwhelmed by the number of brands to choose from when trying to find a cordless electric screwdriver that fits all of their needs. International Tool eliminates that overwhelming feeling by providing a wide selection of cordless screwdrivers, sorted by manufacturer, voltage, size range, price and power source. This break-down of information ultimately allows customers to choose a cordless screwdriver easier.