Measuring Equipment

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  1. Bosch BP350 Telescoping Pole shown here, made by Bosch with the widest variety and best prices

    Complete laser tool positioning system. Pole, clamp and tool mount are all included. Learn More
  2. Bosch BT 150 Compact Tripod with the largest in stock inventory of Lasers and Bosch at the best price

    The Bosch BT 150 compact tripod with adjustable legs allows the user to work at precise heights ranging from 22 In. to 61 In.. The tripod has a fine adjustment crank that allows for quick setup with the benchmark. The compact and lightweight BT 150 tripod is easy to store and transport. Learn More
  3. Bosch BT160 Aluminum Contractors' Tripod made by Bosch at the best price and many more laser accessories

    Lightweight and durable aluminum design with sturdy hinges; clamps and shoe castings. Learn More
  4. Bosch BT170 HD Heavy Duty Aluminum Tripod made by Bosch at the best price with widest variety of laser accessories

    Heavy gauge aluminum with double branded legs for added stability. Flat, elevator head type with 5/8-11 thread. Extended height of 65 in. Learn More
  5. Bosch BT300 HD Aluminum Elevator Tripod made by Bosch at the best price with the wides variety of laser accessories

    Bosch BT300 heavy-duty aluminum elevator tripod extended height 110 in., closed height 47 in., includes heavy-duty poly webbing shoulder strap. Lightweight, heavy-gauge aluminum design. Learn More
  6. Bosch D-tect 120 Wall and Floor Scanner from the best brand names, Measuring at the best price

    Small area spot scan. Never requires calibration. Can detect in any direction. Three modes see through more materials. Reliable radar technology delivers great accuracy on wall, panel or floor. Three modes: drywall, universal and concrete. Learn More
  7. Bosch D-tect 150 Wall and Floor Scanner from the besst brand names, detection tools at the best price

    The Bosch wall/floor scanner is designed for detecting a variety of materials with a wide band range. With seven operating modes of detection this device is ideal for the trades. Large illuminated display. Learn More
  8. Bosch GAM 220 MF Digital Angle Finder made by Bosch at the best price and many more Measuring

    Four tools in one: angle finder, miter calculator, protractor and level. Stores angle measurements in memory for repeated use. Easy-to-read illuminated, rotating flip display. Measures from 0 - 220°. Leg extension 16 In. long. Easy field calibration for consistent results. Learn More
  9. Bosch GAM 270 MFL Digital Angle Finder made by Bosch at the best price with the widest variety

    Five tools in one: digital angle finder, inclinometer, miter calculator, protractor and level. Digital angle finder delivers accurate angle targets. Inclinometer provides precise measurements in degrees and percentages. Two easy-to-read illuminated, flip displays for inclinometer and angle finder. Learn More
  10. Bosch GLL 150 ECK Self-Leveling 360 Degree Laser made by Bosch, with the widest variety of Lasers

    Self-Leveling 360° Exterior Laser Complete Kit. 360-degree full coverage horizontal leveling for all leveling applications. Smart Pendulum Leveling System self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition. Compact and lightweight with single switch operation. Easy to use and operate. Secure transport lock protects pendulum when unit is switched off. Learn More

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Measuring Tools For Sale

Best Machine Tools For Sale

We believe the old adage holds true: "Measure twice, cut once." This not only saves you on wasted materials costs, but allows you to think further into the future, and adjust your vision of the final work project accordingly. When you measure twice and cut but once, you are ensuring accuracy and leading your team by example. That’s why we’re proud to bring the most reliable measuring machine tools, available for sale online to our professional consumers.

There’s no need to squint so hard. We’ve got you covered.

Magnetic Level Measuring Tools

Magnetic box levels offer the industry’s best in class accuracy. Made with a reinforced frame, and high impact viewing vials, their durable construction stands up to dirt, drops, and damage. For accuracy, stability, and durability go with top brands by Empire Levels,General Tools,Klein and Stabila.

Look to Stabila for magnetic levels that are guaranteed for life. Removable rubber end caps allow flush measuring in corners, and the rubber grips help prevent slipping on walls - giving you just enough time to mark the appropriate area. Vials will never fog, leak, or require adjustment - and nor should they for they are the standard by which your project will be measured. In an imperfect world, it helps to have the best equipment.

Laser Beam Levels

International Tool also provides you with laser beam levels. International Tool stocks dot, line, transit, rotating, and self-leveling lasers and laser accessories. Perfect for larger projects, laser levels automatically adjust a laser line for use when you want a straight line between two points. For example, use the Bosch Self Leveling Alignment Laser for horizontal leveling, vertical alignment, squaring, layout and plumb point transfer. Smart pendulum systems allow it to automatically adjust in horizontal, vertical, and cross-line modes. For a three plane laser opt for the360° Bosch GLL3-80 or the CST Berger Self Leveling Exterior Rotary Laser. Of course, no laser measurement would be complete without tripods, distance measurers, or laser measures, all available by clicking here.

Wall Scanners

Wall scanners allow detection of wood studs, metal objects, and live wiring. They are important for contractors looking to finish up a residential or commercial project, and need to adhere strictly to code. A reliable item we recommend is the Bosch GMS120 Wall Scanner which weighs less than a pound. For more advanced uses consider the Bosch D-Tect 120 Wall And Floor Scanner which can detect objects in drywall, universal, and concrete.

Measuring Distance

Measure the distance between point A and point B withmeasuring wheels, micrometers, and calipers.

Measuring Voltage

Measure amps and volts in professional residential, industrial and commercial applications with a heavy duty electrical tester. We recommend the Milwaukee 2237-20 Clamp Meter.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention all the other industrial measuring tools, which detect and measure a wide variety of problems associated with home, commercial, and installation applications. Among these are thermal imager kits, laser temperature guns, and moisture meters. If you can measure it, you can find it here!