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Power Generators For Sale

A home generator provides you with reliable power and flexible options to meet your home’s power needs. Many of the power generators for sale available on International Tool automatically turn on in seconds after sensing a power outage. Power generators supply the area with the electrical juice needed and are ideal for job sites and emergency applications.

In Case of Emergency

Individuals living in states where tornadoes and hurricanes strike are all too familiar with the benefits of home power generators. It helps to have one on hand in order to be able to supply your family with electricity. Should a storm damage power lines, or should government municipalities take too long in restoring your region’s electrical power, generators can kick in to save the day!

Standby Generators

Standby generators are streamlined and space-saving, these compact generators blend beautifully into a home’s exterior. Form, function, and aesthetic - all in one. These are the traits that characterize International Tool’s line of home generators. We believe tools should be functional and meet the needs of a modern family. Models by Briggs and Stratton, and Generac provide all the electrical power you will need in your home. Some of our models are powerful enough to back up a 5-ton air conditioner - in addition to powering up your home office, garage, bedrooms and baths. Simple controls and LCD displays allow for easy monitoring and management of generator functions. Rest assured that sturdy steel enclosures protect your investment from adverse weather conditions and physical damage.

Portable Generators

Ideal for non-permanent applications, portable generators allow anybody to power a remote location, without the need for a stationary electrical source. Illuminated panels allow improved visibility, while user-friendly controls allow easy interaction and programming. A power bar monitors wattage usage so that you’re optimizing your use while not wasting any unrequired resources. Check out our store to select the model right for your job site or project. Be sure to look at key metrics like watts, size, approximate run time, and recommended fuel.

Transfer Switches

Purchase transfer switches for your new or old generator. A transfer switch is an electrical switch that switches a load between two sources. Chances are that if your generator runs automatically, it will sense when a source has lost power and turn on automatically without the need of a transfer switch. However, if you have a manual power generator, a transfer switch will offer overload protection, smarter load management, and allow you to switch between loads. Transfer switches can be operated manually without power applied.

International Tool carries the most modern generator models that can meet your power needs. Don’t be left in the dark!