Transfer Switches

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Transfer Switches

A transfer switch is a device that enables you to switch a load between two sources, safely and conveniently. When the power from the utility company fails either due to weather or human error, transfer switches redirect the power from the utility company over to standby generators.

International Tool carries top brands by Briggs & Stratton and Generac to help get you ready for a power outage ahead. Transfer switches act as a gatekeeper to the electrical power flowing in your home and are a preferred method over running extension cables from the outside generator to all your appliances throughout your home.

Manual and automatic transfer switches are the only safe way to connect a generator to your home. Transfer switches protect workers, your home, and your generator.

Protection for Workers

Utility workers coming into contact with stepped up voltage may get electrocuted as electricity is back-fed through utility lines. Transfer switches protect linemen who may be working outside by stepping-down voltage.

Protection for Your Home or Business

When electrical current between your generator and utility line mix, it could cause a fire in the electrical system. Improper connections will cause the generator like to short circuit when power is restored. Automatic and manual transfer switches fix this problem, safeguarding the electrical sockets in your home, lessening the chance of a fire in the electrical system.

Protection for Your Generator

A properly installed transfer switch protects your generator when the power comes back on. Designed to mount outside of a home or inside your garage, this device is designed to isolate an electric service from the utility grid. Interlocking features prevent the operator from inadvertently connecting both power sources of power at the same time.

Smart Load Efficiency

Our Generac automatic transfer switches are engineered with Digital Power Management (DPM) technology, which allows for more coverage with a smaller generator through smart load management. This advanced power management technology is standard on all our Generac models. Intelligently manage your HVAC, refrigeration, and lights all from one terminal - without the need to purchase additional hardware or accessories.

Install Anywhere in Home or Garage

Pre-wired for easy installation, International Tool has the transfer switches you’ll need to keep you safe in case of a power outage. Positioned in a sub panel (flush or surface mount) inside your garage or home, our transfer switch kits come with everything you need to safely power your home during a power outage.