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Portable Generators for Sale

Dependable. Reliable. Powerful. Portable generators from International Tool can provide valuable electricity when you need it most. Unlike backup or standby generators, portable generators can be taken anywhere. Their portability makes them ideal for a wide variety of uses.

At a tailgate BBQ or estate retreat, electrical power is needed to get the party started. Ranchers and farmers appreciate the reliability of portable power when they are working in the field, far away from civilization or an electrical socket. Contractors and construction workers need to power their tools or the project that needs to be done grinds to a halt.

Whether you’re using it for residential, commercial, agricultural or recreational purposes, portable generators for sale are durable enough to power essential appliances - and get you to where you need to be.

The Best Portable Generators

High power-to-weight-ratios characterize our Generac portable generators. These electrical powerhouses are compact and easy to transport, yet rugged and reliable when the going gets tough. Generac has been in business since 1959 and currently they are the number one manufacturer of home backup generators and portable generators.

Each model is either CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified, 49-state-certified, or both. Portable generators have a high power to weight ratio, which means weight is not wasted bringing you unnecessary accessories. Long engine life and extended run-times are standard on all the generators International Tool sells. What this means to you, the consumer, is a high-value product that delivers electricity when it's supposed to - without taking up a large area.

Worried about transportation? Portable generators come with heavy duty, never flat wheels. International Tool partnered with Generac to provide our clients with FREE Freight & Liftgate Service. The generators you see here will be delivered with zero freight charges - including liftgate service. This means the truck driver will lower the unit to the ground, and you the client move it from there.

Our generators also come with overload protection and warranties that can't be beaten! This means your new portable generator will be well maintained for years to come.

Bring power with you wherever you go with Generac portable generators. A steady power supply is at your disposable with gasoline powered and liquid propane powered generators.

Gas or Liquid Propane Generator?

Not sure which power source you should be using? Gasoline is a common fuel source and is easily obtained. However, it has a shorter shelf life than liquid propane, which offers a more stable energy source. Whichever you decide, know that International Tool has you covered.

Power and Portability with Generac Portable Generators

When you’re taking on bigger jobs and longer trips you need a generator that will grow with you. Bring on a Generac into your corner, and get the job done with confidence. Have the security and peace of mind that a power source is always close at hand.