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Milwaukee Power Tools for Sale

Milwaukee, the company that began with humble beginnings in 1924, is now an industry leader in innovation and power tools. Learn more about Milwaukee power tools below, and browse our wide selection - which contains over 2600 Milwaukee models.

A Game Changer From Day 1

It was in the days of black and white photography when A.H. Peterson founded the Milwaukee tool company in 1924. Known for producing smaller designs that had equal or better functionality than current tools, Peterson was soon approached by auto-industry magnate Henry Ford. Henry Ford threw down a challenge.

At that time, Mr. Ford’s plants were producing thousands of cars per day, and he needed a one-handed drill that would replace out of date two-handed drill his workers were using. This gargantuan drill was large, heavy, and cumbersome - and it required a particularly strong mechanic to operate it productively. Milwaukee rose to the challenge and in a few months A.H. Peterson produced a small, portable ¼ inch capacity power drill.

Ford was ecstatic and began using the tool in his auto plants all across the United States. The nimble drill, known as the Hole Shooter put Milwaukee on the map.

A Fire Hits the Milwaukee Facility

Just when it looked as though the company would take off, a massive fire engulfed the facility during the night. Luckily no one was inside, so no deaths or injuries occurred, but a majority of the company’s physical assets and intellectual property were lost.

A.H. Peterson was dissuaded but luckily A.F. Siebert, a young manager, brought out the business from Peterson with the intention of developing the Hole Shooter. Under his new enterprise, the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company was born.

Milwaukee Power Tools Changed The Game

Siebert knew that in order to get the company back on track, they had to listen to what businesses in the automotive and manufacturing industry wanted. Through this, Milwaukee’s growing staff was able to uncover new opportunities and provide innovation in the form of electrical powered solutions that would increase productivity.

The new owner set a strict code of rules for newly manufactured products. Tools needed to have longer lifespans, needed less maintenance, were lighter in weight, and exhibited better overload capacity. If they met none of these requirements the project was scrapped. This strong desire for innovation - and truly remarkable products - helped turn the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company into the powerhouse company it is today.

Continue The Legacy

At International Tool, a company that has been in business for 47 years, we are proud to continue this legacy. Since the beginning, we’ve sold Milwaukee power tools to the U.S. consumer because we stood by their ideology.

Drivers, Wrenches, Clothes and Cordless Tools, this company brings innovation at every turn. Continue the legacy with a wide array of Milwaukee power tools for sale that includes Saws, Sanders, Routers, Electric Hammers and more.

Buy American made power tools today. Browse our wide selection of Milwaukee power tools for sale and help us in building a better future.