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Make the Most of a Project With Makita Power Tools

People who acquire a Makita power tool expect a product with exceptional characteristics. Do-it-Yourselfers, construction workers, and project managers alike understand what a tool must deliver. In order to make the most of a project, you need a set of tools that are precise, reliable, and long-lasting. Makita has mastered these techniques, giving its users the ability to think outside the box, and mobilize equipment to meet any problem or tough project ahead.

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Carry out a build to completion with without ever losing sight of the independence and authenticity needed to start and finish a build. Since 1915, Makita’s mission has been to exist in harmony with society, delivering products that give consumers a peace of mind. When using Makita power tools you are entering into a rich history of a group of people that has strived to parallel the evolutionary development of tools. Over the course of its 100 + year history, Makita has worked to dovetail its products to customers' developing needs.

Makita Power Tools Receive High Marks

This tradition continues in Makita U.S.A. where the company division has been named Sphere 1 Vendor Partner of the Year for the second year in a row, winning out over 97 other vendors who did not receive the coveted #1 title. Makita is a worldwide manufacturer or power tools that utilizes leading-edge technology and innovation to engineer tools that are more compact with less weight. Makita’s extensive line of lithium-ion tools includes220 Volt Tools, Abrasives, andCordless Tools. Drill deep withDrills and Drill Bits. Sand and grind down withSanders andGrinders. UseNibblers and Shears to cut into tough materials like wood planks and sheet metal.Plate Joiners offer increased precision and tailored measurement when cutting wood and Saws, while Vacuums suck up and clean the sawdust and other debris from the workstation.

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To ensure the highest level of quality, shop Makita products today. Service the most difficult builds with renowned power tools that are among the best in the industry. Don’t just marvel at the high marks Makita has received, put these tools to the test yourself by shopping the products on our online store today. Shop online and save time and money that would be wasted purchasing the same tool at a retailer. Designed for years of durable use in any DIY garage, construction site, or outdoor property, use your new Makita tool to get tough jobs done and come home in time for supper. Find the tools you need to power through your next project today by shopping below. You can browse International Tool’s large inventory by selecting by category, drive type, HP range, price, voltage, or the material it will be used on. We have over 300 Makita products on hand. Mobilize your work crew and ensure the highest level of quality with Makita power tools for sale today!