3M 21180 Fastbond Contact Adhesive 1 Qt

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3M 21180 Fastbond Contact Adhesive 1 Qt
1 quart water-dispersed high-strength contact adhesive.


3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30-NF is a water-dispersed, sprayable contact adhesives for high immediate bond strength and long bonding range. Non-flammable in the wet state. Post-formable and heat resistant. Bonds most foamed plastics, plastic laminate, wood, plywood, wood veneer, and canvas to themselves and to each other. Not recommended for drywall laminating or for bonding metal surfaces (unless metal surfaces are completely dried by force drying and protected from moisture). Application method: spray, roller or brush.
  • Bonding Time Range: 0 to 4 hours
  • Container Volume: 1 liquid quart

One 3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive.

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Additional Information