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12V Max Heated Hoodie Kit with Portable Power Adapter - Small

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The Bosch GHH12V-20 Heated Hoodie Kit features a versatile design, light and flexible material, and strategically placed heating elements. The hoodie features three powered heating zones combined with specially designed lightweight fabric for comfort and durability. The three heat zones include two chest zones and one at the lower back, strategically placed for thorough and efficient heating. It has a large adjustable hood for complete coverage. Three temperature settings are available for control and comfort. The kit includes the GAA12V-21 12V Max Portable Power Adapter, which enables users take full advantage of their Bosch 12V Max battery, delivering heat as well as 2.1 Amps of accessory power for mobile devices, phones, tablets and more.

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12V Max Heated Hoodie Kit - Small

  • Versatile design Standalone warmth on brisk days, ideal mid-layer for coldest conditions
  • Specially designed lightweight fabric allows for easy care plus warmth and durability in rough jobsite conditions
  • Three quick-warming core heat zones two chest zones and one lower back zone provide thorough and efficient heat distribution
  • Three heat levels for control and comfort provides the right temperature regardless of the weather