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Metabo HPT

1 in. Square Drive AC Brushless AHB Aluminum Housing Body AC/DC 740 Ft-lb. Impact Wrench

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The WR25SE 1 In. square drive, corded AC Brushless impact wrench is the perfect tool for when you need strong impact strength for tightening and loosening big, stubborn bolts. With its powerful 900 W Brushless motor, it provides the impact strength of up to 1,500 RPM and the speed of 1,100 RPM along with an impressive tightening torque of 740 ft-lbs.

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1" Square Drive Impact Wrench

  • Ultra efficient AC Brushless motor that permits the use of extra-long extension cords without power loss, extends product life and eliminates maintenance of armatures or carbon brushes
  • Superior performance when using a generator due to an internal inverter circuit that regulates uneven power supply
  • UVP (User vibration protection) technology greatly reduces vibration for comfortable extended use and fewer vibration related injuries via the use of internal counterweights and springs, as well as low vibration handles
  • AHB (Aluminum housing body) construction significantly enhances the internal and external durability of the tool. externally the metal body construction is more resistant to jobsite impacts and harsh conditions than plastic counterparts. internally, incorporating a plastic stator holder around the B