Incra ULTRA16SYS 16 Inch Incra Ultra Jig System

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Incra ULTRA16SYS 16 Inch Incra Ultra Jig System
16 inch jig.


The world's most versatile and accurate movable fence for your router table, drill press, or band saw. Dovetails are easy and precise when you combine the Right Angle Fence with Ultra Lite's precision (clamp not included). Four Sliding Scale Template Channels - two of the channels are used for primary (distance from the cutter) and floating (distance from the last cut) reference scales. This leaves two more template channels available for additional setups and cutting operations without altering the scale positions. The 28" telescoping Extender Bar with Extended Stop makes longer workpieces workable. The Ultra carriage has three contact points including the sawtooth rack clamping point, guarantees accuracy and repeatablility. The rotating micro adjust scale can be turned under the cursor to establish a zero reference point at any position; great for zeroing, centering or working with offsets; keeps track of the distance you've micro adjusted and which way you've gone; lets you return to your original position with no loss of accuracy.
  • INCRA's patented sawtooth racks position your work instantly and automatically in EXACT 1/32" steps
  • A micrometer dial fine-tunes your position even more precisely with an incredible 1/1000" increment
  • Racks are made of a polycarbonate material
  • Automatic Positioning Control instantly locates each cut to within one or two thousandths of an inch without measuring

INCRA Jig ULTRA 16", 28" INCRA Fence, Incremental Stop Positioner, 28" Stop Extender Bar with Extended Stop, INCRA Right Angle Fixture, Master Reference Guide and 51-piece Template Library. The red mounting board shown in photos is not included, you can use any 3/4" plywood. Owner's Manual

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