Generac 5818 EcoGen 6 kW Standby Generator

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Generac 5818 EcoGen 6 kW Standby Generator
EcoGen Series Residential Standby Generator Air-Cooled Gas Engine. Designed specifically to interact with off-grid renewable energy applications, the EcoGen 6 kW is the first generator intended for alternative energy system standby power. It’s engineered to easily integrate into an inverter and battery storage system, providing a cleaner running, low emission solution for recharging battery banks in an off-grid application.


Guaranteed lowest price. FREE Freight & Liftgate Service. This generator will be delivered with zero freight charges, and liftgate service is also included. This means the truck driver will lower the unit to the ground, and you move it from there.

Extended run capability and long life are gained from our exclusive premium oil recovery and circulation system that virtually halts oil degradation. Maintenance intervals are extended by an unprecedented five times the industry standard with 500 hours between oil changes. Clean burning propane fuel increases efficiency, contributes to longer engine life, and produces significantly less carbon monoxide than gasoline fueled engines. Weather protective steel enclosure features our durable powder-coat finish system, providing exceptional protection from the elements on not only the enclosure, but also the base frame. Warranty backed by an unprecedented 3 year/2000 hour limited warranty when used off-grid in an alternative energy system. Nexus Digital Controller features an LCD display with status indicators, monitors generator performance, and also records any issues for easy troubleshooting. Integrated smart charging system only charges the battery when necessary. Three position switch allows for automatic, off and manual functions. Capable of 120V or 240V - factory wired for a full 6 kW at 120VAC, with the capability to be reconfigured for a full 6 kW output at 240VAC to accommodate larger 240V inverter systems or two systems paired together. Factory equipped with two-wire start to easily connect to the inverter control wires. It enables the inverter to automatically start and stop the generator in order to charge the system batteries as necessary. Ultra quiet, low rpms - only 52 dB(A) under normal load! Vertically mounted, belt-driven engine drives at 2600 RPMs, resulting in a longer life and drastically quieter operation than other systems. Capability to be installed within 18" (457 mm) of a building only if located away from doors, windows and fresh air intakes, and unless otherwise directed by local codes.

  • Generator
  • Model: 005818-0 (6 kW)
  • Rated Maximum Continuous Power Capacity (LP): 6,000* Watts
  • Rated Voltage: 120 VAC (240 VAC capable w/ kit 006016-1)
  • Rated Maximum Continuous Load Current – 120 Volts: 50 (25 @ 240 VAC)
  • Main Line Circuit Breaker: 50 Amp (25 after conversion)
  • Phase: 1
  • Number of Rotor Poles: 2
  • Rated AC Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Power Factor: 1.0
  • Battery Requirement (not included): Group 26R, 12 Volts and 525 CCA Minimum
  • Unit Weight (lb/kg): 387/175.5
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) in/mm: 48 x 25 x 29/1218 x 638 x 732
  • Sound output in dB(A) at 23 ft (7 m) with generator operating at normal load: 52
  • Engine
  • Type of Engine: GENERAC OHVI
  • Number of Cylinders: 2
  • Displacement: 530 cc
  • Cylinder Block: Aluminum w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
  • Valve Arrangement: Overhead Valve
  • Ignition System: Solid-state w/ Magneto
  • Governor System: Electronic
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Starter: 12 Vdc
  • Oil Capacity Including Filter: 1.7 qt/1.6 L
  • Oil Reservoir Capacity: 4.2 qt/4.0 L
  • Operating rpm: 2,600
  • Fuel Consumption Liquid Propane ft³/hr (gal/hr) [l/hr]: 1/2 Load 27.6 (0.76) [2.87], Full Load 56.4 (1.55) [5.87]
  • Controls
  • 2-Line Plain Text LCD Display: Simple user interface for ease of operation.
  • Mode Switch Auto: Puts unit in standby mode, waiting for inverter start call.
  • Mode Switch Off: Stops unit. Power is removed. Control and charger still operate.
  • Mode Switch Manual/Test (start): Start with starter control, unit stays on.
  • Starter Lock-out: Starter cannot re-engage until 5 sec. after engine has stopped.
  • 2.5 Amp Smart Battery Charger: Standard
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator w/ Over voltage Protection: Standard
  • Automatic Low Oil Pressure Shutdown: Standard
  • Overspeed Shutdown: Standard, 72 Hz
  • High Temperature Shutdown: Standard
  • Overcrank Protection: Standard
  • Safety Fused: Standard
  • Low Battery Protection: Standard
  • 50 Event Run Log: Standard
  • Internal Fault Protection: Standard

Electronic Governor, External Main Circuit Breaker, Sound Attenuated Enclosure, Flexible Fuel Line Connector, Composite Mounting Pad, Advanced Oil Circulation System, Easy Inverter Connections.

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Additional Information

Power Source LPG / NG