Fein FSC 2.0Q-IS SuperCut Interior Set

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Fein FSC 2.0Q-IS SuperCut Interior Set
Whether it is simple assembly on site or fitting of furniture; flooring; doors; light wall framing or stairs.


Whether it's simple assembly on site or fitting of furniture, flooring, doors, light wall framing or stairs, the Fein Professional-Set Interior Construction makes your work considerably easier and problem-free. The Fein SuperCut Construction works quickly and conveniently, wherever circular, jig and reciprocating saws are difficult to fit and eliminates the high manual effort of hand tools. Works at any desired angle and flush to the surface. The Fein SuperCut Construction does not require any clearance behind the workpiece. Cutouts in installed baseboard can be done quickly and cleanly. With the HSS saw blade and depth stop, even long cuts in previously-installed parquet or laminate flooring present no problem. Plus precise freehand cuts can be carried out, easily and rapidly. Highest quality and stability due to the use of ball and needle bearings together with a motor and gearbox designed for continuous use and heavy loads. Can also be used as a high-quality detail sander making it an ideal complement to a floor sander, especially in tight spots.
  • Power consumption: 400 Watts
  • Power output: 220 Watts
  • Oscillations: 11,000 – 18,500 per min.
  • Range: 2 × 2.0 degrees
  • Cable with plug: 16' (5 m)
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs.
  • Tool mounting: QuickIN

1 Fein SuperCut Construction in a carrying case. 1 HSS saw blade (type 153), 4 E-Cut Standard saw blades (types 123, 124, 135, 136), 4 E-Cut Precision saw blades (types 119, 120, 121, 122), 2 E-Cut Universal saw blades (types 147, 148), 1 depth stop, 1 adapter, 1 mounting bolt for sanding equipment, 1 mounting bolt for all other accessories, 1 backing pad, 5 of each sanding sheets, grits 80, 120, 180.

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