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  1. Bosch 1365 14 Inch Abrasive Cutoff Machine made by Bosch and the best price with the widest variety

    All the same features as the Model 1364; in the 14 version. Large footplate improves stability and allows 4 7/8 depth of cut. 4;300 rpm; 115V AC/DC; 15.0 amp. Blades sold separately. Learn More
  2. Bosch 1365K 14 Inch Abrasive Cutoff Machine Kit shown here, made by Bosch, with the widest variety of chop saws at the best prices

    All the same features as the Model 1364; in the 14" version. Learn More
  3. Dewalt D28715 Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Chop Saw

    DeWalt's 14-inch heavy-duty chop saw cuts everything from metal drywall studs to angle iron and specialty wheels; ensuring the best overall performance available. Learn More
  4. Dewalt DW872 14 Inch Multi Cutter Saw great quality chop saw made by Dewalt

    15 amps; 120V AC/DC; 1,300 rpm. 14" 70 tooth blade provides virtually burr free cuts that help eliminate preparation grinding. Maintains constant cutting depth throughout the life of the blade. Learn More
  5. Husqvarna K 1270 14 Inch Gas Saw shown here, from the best brand names, Husqvarna with the widest variety and best prices on Concrete Equipment

    Regular Price: $1,499.00

    Special Price $1,498.99

    Some jobs require exceptional power. Learn More
  6. Husqvarna K 970 RESCUE 14 Inch Gas Power Cutter

    Regular Price: $1,599.00

    Special Price $1,429.99

    The Husqvarna K 970 RESCUE 14 Inch Gas Power Cutter is Husqvarna’s most powerful rescue cutter, and is specially developed for rescue and clearing work. Learn More
  7. Jet 708366 13 Inch Knife Set for JPM-13 Planer/Molders shown here, with the widest variety and best prices on Planer Accys

    708366 (JPM-13-K) 13 Inch Knife Set High-speed steel construction means longer cutting life between sharpenings. Learn More
  8. Makita 4114 14 Inch SJS Electric Angle Cutter made by Makita with the largest in stock inventory of

    The Makita 14 Inch Angle Cutter with 14” diamond blade (model 4114) is a powerful concrete cutting solution engineered for a range of concrete cutting applications, and is ideal for edge-to-edge cuts. The 14” Angle Cutter is powered by a 15 AMP motor with 3,800 RPM for the most demanding jobs. Learn More
  9. Makita EK7301 14 Inch Power Cutter 73 cc

    Five stage filtration system with advanced directional air flow, provides cleaner air for better saw performance. Carburetor engineered with improved deco-valve and metering spring for precise fuel regulation at start up. New ignition coil with start-support function stores electrical energy with each pull for easier start ups. Learn More
  10. Makita EK7651H 14 Inch MM4 4-Stroke Power Cutter with the largest in stock inventory of Concrete Equipment made by Makita with the lowest price

    No Oil Mixing Simplifies Operation and Prevents Piston Seizure Due to Improper Mixing. Five-stage, foam-paper-nylon filtration system with advance direction air flow provides cleaner air for better engine durability. Lower fuel consumption at .45 gallons per hour. Reduced exhaust and intake carbon build-up for long cylinder life. Three ring piston for improved commercial engine durability. Learn More

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Power Tools for Sale

For the best power tools for your project, International Tool has the equipment you need to get a job done right. International Tool has been serving contractors, woodworkers and home-owners since 1970, providing the finest quality industrial power tools at the some of the lowest prices in the United States. The company that began by one man selling power cords from the back of his van to contractors at job sites, now boasts the largest power tool showroom in the Southeast.

Power Tools Online

International Tool is an online retailer of power tools, construction equipment, hardware, hand tools and accessories. We stock thousands of items from name brands you know and trust to modern equipment sure to be an upgrade over your old tools. Shop our best sellers below!

Build The World Around You

We have tools that work with all sorts of materials including concrete, metal, plastic, tile, and wood. Shop by category or brand, or use the search query to search our entire site. Build your vision of how you want the world around you to be. You shouldn’t be limited by your materials, only your imagination!

Top Brands of Power Tools Online

Choose from brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Husqvarna, and Bosch. We have cordless tools, drills, grinders, hammers, heat guns, pneumatic tools, nibblers, shears, planers, routers, sanders, saws, vacuums, concrete tools, plate joiners, and drywall cutout tools. For a full list of accessories, as used on a construction site, including tape, particulate respirators, adaptors, drill bits and more, visit our accessories page.

A Wide Variety of Power Tools

Our line of power tools features cordless tools, drills, grinders, hammers, saws, and vacuums, just to name a few. View All Power Tools here.

Cut Down Your Project Time With Modern Tools

We feature modern tools that use the latest lithium-ion batteries and charging ports, ensuring you tools that will use less power, work longer, and stand the test of time. Did you know that upgrading your tools to something with more performance can cut down on your project time, saving you money in the end? If you anticipate that a coming project will take more of your resources than you originally planned for, find the right tool for the job, and stay ahead of the problem.