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  1. Wacker Neuson 0165462 Twist Pitch Trowel Handle with the largest in stock inventory of Concrete Equipment made by Wacker Neuson with the lowest price

    Twist pitch trowel handle required for Wacker Neuson's CT 48-8A Walk-Behind Trowel. Learn More
  2. Wacker Neuson BS 50-2i Oil-Injected Rammer 0009338 made by Wacker Neuson at the best price with the widest variety
  3. Wacker Neuson CT 48-8A Walk-Behind Trowel 0009449 with the largest in stock inventory of Wacker Neuson CT 48-8A Walk-Behind Trowel 0009449 made by Wacker Neuson with the lowest price

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    Special Price $2,399.92

  4. Wacker Neuson PST2 400 Submersible Pump 0009112 shown here, made by Wacker Neuson with the widest variety and best prices
  5. Wacker Neuson WP 1550A Vibratory Soil Plate 0007579 shown here, with the widest variety and best prices

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Concrete Power Tools for All Cementing Projects

For any construction job, there are a variety of tools that are specifically designed for the production and completion of each project. For example, there are specific tools for the tedious job of laying concrete, all of which have different functions and purposes for any cementing operation. Cementing is a very time sensitive project that requires an assortment of tools and copious patience, but if your time is limited as is your patience, it would be wise to consider an investment in concrete power tools. Concrete power tools help speed up all cementing projects in an efficient and productive manner. Although it provides cementers a speedy shortcut, the final results will still reflect high-quality work.

International Tool has 4 different, high-quality brands of concrete power tools for sale that are fit for all of your cementing projects.

Choosing the Best Concrete Power Tool for the Job

There are a wide variety of Trowels, Asphalt Compaction, Utility Pumps, Gas Concrete Saws, Electric Concrete Saws, Small Flat Saws, Drill Rigs and Stands, Handheld Cord Drills, and Concrete Vibrators to choose from that are specifically for the use of cementing. All of the different categories of concrete power tools that International Tool carries are from the following high-quality manufacturers:

Husqvarna supplies gas concrete saws such as the Husqvarna K 1260 that can be used for both wet and dry cutting of cement or asphalt. These gas concrete saws are developed with a vibration dampening system that makes it easy to use and handle when cutting concrete. Husqvarna also makes electric concrete saws like the Husqvarna K 3000 Wet Electric. These type of saws are ideal for a small-range cutting job and reduces and kickbacks of dust. It emits little noise has a pulling rotation that eliminates the risks of recoiling that provides safe usage. These versatile tools can be used on both wet and dry concrete surfaces.

MK Diamond designed a small flat saw with a ‘walk-behind’ feature called the CX-3S Walk-Behind Concrete Saw . This lightweight tool is ideal for both wet and dry cutting and can be easily transported from different job sites with its compact design. It cuts back on the time it would take to saw through the concrete with its walk behind feature. Instead of being on your hands and knees, workers can easily saw through the concrete just by simply walking.

Concreting can be a complex project, and complex projects require specific tools for a smooth execution. In turn, finding those job-specific tools can prove to be an overwhelming task.

At International Tool, we successfully eradicate any unease in finding the right tools by sorting our stock of concrete power tools by category, drive type, hammering mode, HP range, manufacturer, power source, price, size range, and voltage; making the process of finding the perfect concrete power tools for sale quick and easy.